Author: Robin Hinnen

  • 29 May

    GRATITUDES:1. My kids are officially high school graduates!2. Basil’s passport finally arrived. Hello, trip to Europe!3. A warm purring fur-ball snuggled up against my leg4. A quiet day with nowhere to go and nothing to do YIPE. It’s been a month since my last post! I blame that partially on the fact that Dr. Bachier […]

  • 24 April

    GRATITUDES:1. A couple decent nights’ sleep2. The ramen eggs happily marinating in my fridge3. A good cast-iron skillet4. The light show yesterday morning And what a light show it was. A storm front came in from the southwest overnight and by the time I took Basil to work at 6:30am, our area was surrounded by […]

  • 17 April

    GRATITUDES:1. A beautiful, cloudless day2. No traffic3. A great view at the top of the parking garage4. New green leaves in all the trees Welp, I’m back at the clinic, this time for a consult with the doc and the first of my childhood immunizations, providing my insurance company has approved it. The drive into […]

  • 10 April

    GRATITUDES:1. The ability to pay for vehicle repair without worry of (complete) financial ruin2. Very little debt3. Some much-needed rain Sooo… I’m currently parked in the waiting lounge of our local Discount Tire, still reeling from sticker shock. The Subaru had a flat on Friday afternoon – a bolt had been driven through the tread […]

  • 28 March

    GRATITUDES:1. Continued recovery2. SPRING!3. People-watching in the Radiology waiting room😄4. Seeing the new babies coming in for their first follow-ups. So, in my last post I mentioned that we were invited to a Roaring 20s-themed gala and that I would upload photographic evidence. Uhh, nope. Didn’t happen. I asked Dr. Bachier last week during my […]

  • 20 March

    GRATITUDES:1. No traffic this morning!2. More wildflowers!3. Coffee! Well, crap. I hauled my sleepy carcass out of bed at 5 this morning, hit the road by 6:15, sailed in to San Antonio without any traffic to speak of, made it to the clinic with about 25 minutes to spare, and then found out that I […]

  • 6 March

    GRATITUDES:1. My kid’s phenomenal talent2. Deep breaths3. Watching the trees leaf out4. Patches of wildflowers along the highway I’m still riding a bit of an emotional high from yesterday afternoon, when Basil won Best In Show for their painting that was entered in the New Braunfels Art League’s Teen Art Show. They competed against many […]

  • 21 February

    GRATITUDES:1. Spring fever2. The trust my kids still have in me3. Morning coffee It’s not quite 9:00 in the morning and I’m once again parked in the waiting room of the bone marrow clinic. The drive in to San Antonio this morning was a bit nuts but I amused myself by geeking out over the […]

  • 6 February

    GRATITUDES:1. A negative CT scan result2. A bit of warmer weather3. Finishing up a good limited series on telly I finally, FINALLY, had my CT scan this morning at the hospital after waiting more than a month and worrying myself nearly sick. I was at the bone marrow clinic for my 8:30 labs and 9:30 […]

  • 30 January

    GRATITUDES:1. More college acceptance letters2. No more PICC line in my arm!3. Senses of taste and smell still intact (more on that later) Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially caught my first cold/flu/who-the-hell-knows in three years. So far it hasn’t hit me hard, just a nasty sore throat for about 1 1/2 days and now […]