21 March

Yep, it’s been an entire month since my last post. Fight me.😆

Lots going on within our semi-quarantined little zoo. Rory just got his first dose of the Covid vaccine, I’ve received my second dose (both Moderna), the girls are enjoying their last days of spring break, we’re making plans to pay off the Subaru with the stimulus money we received, Basil’s school theater group has advanced to the next level on their way to a hopeful State competition, the weather is warming and everything is blushing an incredible lovely shade of green, we didn’t lose many shrubs during Snovid 21, and I’ve applied the first of two skim coats to the walls of the dining area off the kitchen!

It’s the Spring Equinox. I mark the year by the seasons and the angle of the sun and it makes me happy to know that as of now, we have more daylight than darkness. I haven’t yet poked my nose outside to greet the day but at some point today, I plan to park myself on the back deck just to chill and offer gratitude. I’m still alive, my health is pretty darn good, I’m able to do almost what I was capable of pre-diagnosis, and I have a lot to be thankful for. I asked the Difficult Question at my last check-in with Dr. Santiago, which was basically, “What are the chances of recurrence?” He was encouraging but offered me an unbuffered answer. In adults with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, the chances of the disease coming back after remission are about 20-25%, which means that I have a 75-80% chance of dodging that particular bullet. I’ll take those odds. I wish they were higher but I’ll take what I can get. Dr. Santiago also said that because my outlook is so good and I have a strong supportive family, my odds are a bit better than in someone who is dealing with the disease alone. Lord, I can’t imagine that. Rory has been my rock and my girls have been my lifeline; without them, I would have long since chucked in the towel.

So, I’ve been really looking forward to wildflower season here in our weird little corner of the Lone Star State but so far I haven’t seen a single bluebonnet waving its pretty little noggin. (Last year I was hospital-bound and missed all the blooms. Dammit.) I’m sure the extremely cold weather last month impacted seed germination but I sincerely hope the freeze didn’t kill them all off. We haven’t had a lot of rain so far this year so that may also be playing a part in the blossom delay. I still have hope though – our old live oaks in the front yard shrugged off the cold with little to no damage to show for it and all three of our big red oaks in the back yard are coming back strong, as is our young Mexican sycamore that we planted in our first summer here. Ephemerals like wildflowers are entirely different animals of course, but they’re remarkably tough and very, very determined. With any luck, we should start seeing some color in a few more weeks.🤞🏻 At the very least, I can get my flower fix satisfied somewhat once our mountain laurel blooms, which should be in another week or so. The blossoms resemble wisteria in shape and color and smell like a cross between wisteria and grape soda. Odd, maybe, but sooooo sweet and wonderful!

Right. I really hope to post a bit more frequently than once a month from now on. Mind you, I’m not making any promises!😊

19 February

Wow, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride here for the last five days. I meant to publish another post on Monday but we got slammed with rolling power outages and ridiculously cold weather (for this part of the country, anyway). Beginning early Monday morning before dawn and lasting well into Tuesday, our power would cycle on and off at approximately 1-2 hour intervals. We would have electricity for maybe 45 minutes to an hour, then it would go down for an hour or more. Our night-time lows were in the single digits and hovering close to 0 for two nights, which for us is DAMN COLD. I don’t know how many plants we’ve lost but I’m sure we’ll get a better idea of the carnage once all the snow melts and the temps climb back up, which should start happening today. We bundled the most delicate babies as much as we could but I have a sinking feeling that I’m going to lose my orchid rockroses and Cleveland sages. The latter is a California native and not at ALL suited for sub-freezing temps! Our lemongrasses are toast as well but they grow like weeds and they’re easy to find in the nurseries out here, unlike the rockroses and sages, which I’ll have to special order from a nursery out on the West Coast.

Our ability to leave the house was curtailed by the storm as well and until yesterday our food supply was getting a bit sparse. Our local grocery chain, HEB, was forced to close many of its stores due to icy conditions and interrupted supply deliveries but they did their very best to at least offer limited shopping hours at some locations and Rory was finally able to get out and pick up some of the things we were running low on, everything except eggs. I nearly cried when he brought back a bunch of celery! I would occasionally grumble about HEB having too much of a monopoly here in Texas but that was before the pandemic and this cold weather. They’re all frickin’ heroes, every last one of them. They’ve done an incredible job keeping their customers fed and supplied.❤️

In other news… I’ve got the entire dining area off the kitchen sealed and ready for the skim coat. Boy, that sealant I bought is OBNOXIOUS. Its texture is very similar to acrylic matte medium but it has a really strong smell that induces headaches and burning in the eyes/nose. I’ll probably have to wait until the outdoor temps climb before I can finish sealing the rest of the kitchen because I’ll have to open windows and right now that option is out of the question. Still, I’m making good progress. I may be able to get the kitchen painted before summer! I’m soooo tired of looking at the old two-tone sage green paint job in there now. The pale neutral grey I’ve chosen for the walls will brighten things up a lot and once I get the cabinets painted in their new coat of white, it’ll almost be like having a brand-new kitchen, complete with new hardware! The countertops are another story, however – I haven’t yet priced any options but the surface that I want (Silestone or Caesarstone) is probably going to be out of reach for us for now. Besides, Rory says that the next big project he wants to tackle is getting new wood floors down in the living room. Our existing light beige carpet is vile and that’s being kind. It harbors all sorts of crud, it’s hard to clean, it’s obnoxious (I seem to be using that word a lot today) and I HATE it. Time for a much-needed upgrade!

Geez, I sure hope our postal service resumes pickups and deliveries. We haven’t received any mail since last Saturday and I’m getting a bit concerned about outstanding bills that are probably lurking out there somewhere…

2 February

Gotta make this short because my chores for the day aren’t going to finish themselves and the morning’s already slipping away from me!

So, I guess the big news for the day is that I received my first Covid vaccine two weeks ago. It’s the Moderna vaccine so I have another two weeks to wait until I get my second dose. Then it’ll be another two weeks until I theoretically reach my peak immunity. Still, this removes a lot of anxiety from the equation. Rory was so relieved that he was near tears! This means that, once I’ve achieved immunity status, I’ll be able to take over most if not all of the shopping, giving Rory a much-needed break. Also, since Basil is once again participating in theater over at the high school, her exposure to other students won’t be quite as much of an issue. Oh, I also forgot to mention: Basil will be participating in a clinical trial of the vaccine for adolescents. Neither of the two vaccines currently being distributed in the US has been cleared for use on teens 16 years of age or younger and we figured that this might be a way of getting at least one of our critters immunized, although the trial (I think) is a double-blind, which means that there is about a 33% chance that she’ll receive a placebo rather than the actual drug. We’ve already cleared this with Basil and she’s willing to play the part of a guinea pig! The risks, while they do exist, are very low and I’m fairly confident that she won’t experience any side effects. My own experience with the vaccine has so far been problem-free, other than a sore deltoid muscle which lasted for about 48 hours. Easy peasy!

WOOT. I have achieved tidiness in our master bathroom! All cabinets and drawers have been weeded through and wiped clean. Rory, God bless him, even mucked out his closet! I swear, Marie Condo would beam with approval if she walked in there right now! Now I have to follow up with another closet purge of my own. I’ve gotten all the girls’ keepsake things, which were taking up an entire upper shelf in my closet and a drawer in my dresser, carefully sorted according to girl and safely packed away in plastic bins. On the kitchen wall front: I’ve completed all the TSP washing and more than half of the initial sanding. I should be able to finish the rest in another day and then I can apply the sealant. I’ve also removed some of the ridiculously cheesy linoleum that was acting as a backsplash over one smaller counter section. It wasn’t easy – it was nasty brittle stuff that shattered as I pulled on it and I ended up having to use a linoleum cutter to remove it cleanly. Still, despite the hard-core glue that must have been used to adhere it to the wall, I was able to get rid of it without badly damaging the drywall behind it. Now I’m beginning to ponder removing the rest of the backsplash. If I do, I’ll be able to skim coat the drywall and then maybe even install a much nicer tile treatment in its place. I think there may be a VERY long trip to the tile section in Lowes in my future!😆

Did I say that this would be a short post? Yep, I lied. Right. That dishwasher isn’t going to unload itself. Gotta go do the needful!

18 January, 2021

It still feels a bit weird to type “2021” and always does for about a month after the New Year. The first month of this year is a bit more than half over, Inauguration Day is 48 hours away (please God let it happen peacefully), and I’m thinking up more projects around the house to keep myself occupied while holed up at home. With not one, but TWO new variants of the virus floating around out there, one of which is even more contagious than the original, I have to be much more mindful about my exposure to others even if it’s a fleeting walk-by in a shop. I ALWAYS wear my mask in public. Always. Unfortunately many others are beginning to let their guard down and that does NOT help the situation.

So, about those projects…

Last week my gallon container of wall sealant finally came. That’s it then. No more excuses. This week I hope to give the kitchen walls a final TSP bath and a sanding, then I can roll on the sealant. (Oh, right. First I have to tape off moldings, baseboards, outlets and such, as well as remove the blinds from the window.) Then it’s skim coat time! WOOT. That alone should brighten up the kitchen tremendously.

Another project that I’m eager to tackle is purging the house of all clutter. (I can hear y’all laughing. Stop it.😆) My plan is to start in the master bathroom, where the drawers and cabinets haven’t been cleaned out in I swear as long as we’ve been here in Texas. My walk-in closet also needs serious help but with some judicious purging I should be able to reclaim it without much difficulty. Rory’s closet is another thing entirely. His clothes aren’t much of an issue but he’s got boxes and BOXES of fabric, games, miniatures, God-knows-what in there and I can’t weed it all out for him, as much as I’d like to. I might chuck something important and I know from experience that that would be bad. Very, very bad. Anyway, after our bathroom I’ll probably move on to the kitchen cabinets. They’ll need sorting out soon because of my plans to repaint them and I know that there’s stuff hidden away that we haven’t touched in years. If it hasn’t been used in a year, out it goes. That’s becoming my rallying battle cry. (Thank you, Dwell Magazine, for the motivation to de-clutter!❤️)

Not much more to report. Rory’s folks are beginning their preparations to head out to Arizona and we probably won’t see them again until April or May. I envy them. I’m itching to get out of the house for an extended period of time but I know that this isn’t going to happen for quite a while yet. This summer will be spent helping Lauren to heal from her back surgery so we’ll be staying local. It’ll simply be too painful for her to sit in the car for even the four hours it takes to get to Port Aransas, so no trips to the coast this year, unless we schedule something for late in the fall. Maybe we’ll do some day trips instead. There are lavender farms up in the Fredericksburg area as well as pick-your-own peach orchards and that would only be a 90-minute trip by car, if that. We’ll just have to play this one by ear.

4 January, 2021

A very happy (late) Christmas and a very happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year to all! Hey, I can still wish everyone a happy Christmas, it isn’t Twelfth Night yet. So there!😊❤️

We had a wonderful Christmas. I was able to get past my dread of the season (given that I was beginning my cancer journey exactly one year ago) and really enjoy the holiday for a change. We were even able to get all our gifties wrapped and under the tree well before Christmas Eve night so there wasn’t any last-minute panic wrapping. I actually sat in our living room early Christmas morning before everyone was up and enjoyed the lights of our little tree as well as the crackling “fire” and holiday music playing softly on our flat-screen. I was able to reflect on my journey and how incredibly grateful I am that I’m still here, very much alive and fairly healthy. I’m holding this little shining bubble very close to my heart – it’s very important for me to remember and reflect on so that I can pay closer attention to the simple joys of the every-day instead of focusing on and worrying about the Big Picture, which does nothing but amp up my anxiety. I’m finally, FINALLY getting in the habit of pulling my mind back to the Now and the more I do it, the easier it becomes. Heh. It’s only taken me SIX DECADES to figure this one out! Derp. Although I suppose I’m one of the luckier ones, really. Some folks go to their graves striving for the unattainable and live out their lives in frustration. I don’t want to be one of them.

So… One of the gifties for me that showed up under the tree was a real, live Tibetan singing bowl! I’d wanted one for years but never caved and bought one. Back at the beginning of December Basil casually asked me if I still liked them. (Yeah, I know. Subtle.) I answered in a very enthusiastic affirmative and sealed the deal, because a lovely hand-hammered bowl now sits in a place of honor on my bedside table. Its tone is amazing and I can now sustain a continuous sound while playing it (not as easy as it may appear – sort of like playing a giant metal wine glass). I’m hopelessly hooked. Now I want a really big bowl, maybe 12 inches in diameter, that has a much lower pitch. Hell, maybe an entire collection ranging in size from humongous to itty bitty might be in order!😆 Their sounds are extremely soothing and meditative, not to mention beautiful, which is why I love them so much.

My resolutions for the New Year were fairly simple: letting go of old bitterness, practicing more mindfulness, being more kind (especially to myself). Also, to quit stifling my creativity. That last one is going to be tough but, as this past year has shown me, I’ve been given an incredible gift and can’t squander it. No, that’s wrong. I’ve been given TWO incredible gifts – my life, and my artistic ability. Time to make better use of both!❤️

21 December

Holy crap, it’s been three weeks since my last post! Christmas is five days away and the shopping is done, more or less, with some odds and ends still to come to fill in the gaps. I’m once again at a loss as to what I should get Rory. Yes, I already have a giftie bought and waiting to be wrapped, but it’s his stocking that always stumps me. I usually fall back on the old (BORING) standbys – cigars, small bar ware, socks, maybe a couple itty bitty bottles of alcohol that he hasn’t tried before, but I want to do something different for a change and I have no earthly clue. I have one idea that may be golden but I’ll have to locate said item in a store because I’ve missed my window for online shopping unless I want to pay through the nose for rush delivery. Nope.

I had the. Most. Unpleasant. Experience this week, attempting to sell an item online for a friend of mine. I’ve never advertised or bought anything on Craigslist before but thought that it might be a good forum for getting rid of a lightly used hammer dulcimer. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything, as it turned out.

I was contacted by a guy who turned out to be a scam artist. I had listed the dulcimer for $400 and this jerk-wad sent me a check for $2500, which right there should have been a screaming red flag. I was instructed via text that I was to keep $450 and pay the rest to a moving company that would come to pick up the instrument. (The story was that this “moving company” was personally owned by the prospective buyer and would also be picking up other items in my general area. This was just plausible enough that I believed it. Honestly, I was too focused on getting rid of the stupid dulcimer to pay much attention to the increasingly fishy smell emanating from this transaction.) I went ahead and deposited the check and wondered why the buyer seemed so concerned about closing the deal in such a hurry. The morning after the deposit I was instructed, again via text, that I should obtain a money order for $1900 and leave the “Pay to the Order of” line blank. I would take $60 to pay FedEx and keep the remaining $40 for myself. This was on the same day that I had to go into San Antonio for another IV infusion, labs and doctor’s consult. I told this yahoo (via text) that I would do my best to get the money order that afternoon but couldn’t make any promises. This is when things got REALLY strange. This guy got positively demanding, insisting that I go take care of it NOW. After my appointment I went to three places in town, two of which were Western Union affiliates, and couldn’t get a money order anywhere and at this point it was already too late to make the 6pm late FedEx pick-up anyway. This is when my cell rang. It was the guy, speaking in a very thick accent (Eastern European? Middle Eastern? Possibly Russian-Armenian?). I told him I was on my last try (Walgreens) and hung up. The Walgreens photo counter also offered some Western Union services and I ended up chatting with the woman at the counter for a few minutes. I offered an abbreviated version of my Adventures in Craigslist and she and her co-worker both said that they were pretty sure that I was being scammed. This, combined with something Rory had said earlier in the day, finally convinced me that this whole thing was a really bad idea. I was on my way back to my car, determined now to call off the deal, when Sparky tried calling again. I didn’t pick up and he texted, sounding increasingly anxious and irate. I texted back, telling him that the deal was off, I was going home, and I wanted nothing more to do with him or his filthy money. Once home, Rory contacted the local police department, reported the whole story, and we were told that we had had a VERY close call. The check I’d deposited the day before would most likely be declined in the next couple of days and that if I had succeeded in obtaining and mailing that money order, we would have been on the hook for all that cash. I phoned our bank the next morning and explained the issue with the deposited check. I returned all of the cash that I had withdrawn against said check. Lesson learned.

I want nothing more to do with that stupid hammer dulcimer and emailed my friend to tell her so, albeit in a slightly less confrontational tone. She’ll have to deal with it now because I’m done!

29 November

I think I may have to either A) move my posts back to every two weeks; B) get my butt in gear a bit more on Sunday mornings; or C) live a more exciting life that’s worth writing about, because these blog posts are slowly becoming more infrequent. Not a whole lot is happening and there really isn’t much to report, which I guess is a good thing!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we’re now in the final countdown until Christmas. It’s been nearly a year since I first began feeling ill. My health, both physical and emotional, has done a near-total 180 degree about-face in the months since my diagnosis. While I still feel a bit light-headed at times and my vision is still blurry, I’ve no doubt that these symptoms will disappear once I’m off the meds. (Oh yeah, my fingertips and toes will regain their feeling as well. YAY.) I have one, ONE, more IV chemo infusion to go and then it’s oral meds only until next summer. I’m hoping that once the Vincristine infusions stop, my eyebrows will come back in again because they’re awfully sparse now and I’m once again looking a bit like an alien. But hey, at least I’m keeping the hair on my head! It isn’t growing very quickly, no doubt due to the low-dosage chemo, but it IS growing and it’s beginning to curl up nicely in back. I may end up with much curlier hair than I had at first, but we’ll see what fate has in store for me.😊

The wall refinishing continues. All the paper is gone and I’ve finished the scraping pass on the dining area off the kitchen. I did a skim coat test on a damaged patch of wall using some stuff that Rory has and it’s okay, but I can’t thin it down, or at least I can’t find any directions for doing so on the packaging. So, I guess I’ll stick with my original plan of using the all-purpose joint compound because I know I can cut that a bit with water. The video I’ve dug up says to make the compound about the same texture as yogurt or possibly a thick milk shake. Yep, I know. Weird. Anyway, I’ll probably be able to finish the scraping and maybe even the initial sanding pass by the end of this week. Then I have a choice to either go on with the skim coat or seal the walls first. I’ll probably do the latter, although the sealant I’m looking for appears to be incredibly hard to find. Neither Lowes nor Home Depot carry it and I may have to order it online. Blurgh… the shipping cost certainly won’t be pretty.

(Hey, I found the sealant on Amazon. Free shipping! The downside, of course, is Amazon itself. I don’t want to line Jeff Bezos’ pockets any more than I have to, thank you very much. Honestly, if that man gave away half his fortune [don’t hold your breath], he’d still be left with more money than he could possibly spend in a lifetime. Monopoly much?🙄)

15 November

Wow, I haven’t blogged for nearly two weeks! Not a whole lot has been going on, other than what everyone has been watching or reading about on the media outlets of their choice. We have a new president (YAY!!!) and, no surprise, Trump refuses to go quietly into that long good night. To a small extent, he has a point, only in that the election won’t be official until the Electoral College convenes to verify it. Honestly, though, screaming “FOUL, NO FAIR” only serves to make him look like more of a fool and an undignified sore loser as well, which I suppose plays well with his base. They expect him to go down fighting to the last and I don’t think they’ll be disappointed, although Trump’s refusal to concede is beginning to make the transition a bit more difficult for Biden and Co. Other than the security briefs, though, Biden is an old seasoned pro who has already taken steps to lock in his new administration. The afore-mentioned briefs, which Trump has refused to share with the new President-Elect, are a bump in the road but not insurmountable. Honestly, though, Trump’s histrionics are increasingly looking like precisely what they are – desperate, pathetic attempts to hang onto power. I’ll be glad to see the entire clan leave. Shameless, nepotistic grifters all.

Sorry, got a bit political there. *Ahem*

So life goes on. The girls are getting REALLY tired of the whole remote learning thing and they miss their friends. They were able to see two of them briefly when Kariel and Griffin dropped off birthday gifties for them but they couldn’t do what most teens do when seeing a friend again after a long absence. There were no squeals and hugging, only awkward thank you’s and a tiny bit of chitchat. Thank goodness they can text their friends or see them on FaceTime. It isn’t the same as seeing them face to face but it’s better than nothing! C’mon, Pfizer, get that new vaccine up and running!🙏🏻🙏🏻

I’m still, STILL, picking at scabs (aka, stripping stupid wallpaper) but I’m so close to being done that I can smell it. All the walls, with the exception of the fridge alcove, are bare, scrubbed and clear of paper and paste. After the alcove is done I’ll have to go back and scrape down all surfaces to remove loose paint but I should be able to do that in a day or less. Then it’s time to sand, seal, and begin applying the skim coats, sanding after each coat is dry. Finally, I can prime and PAINT!! WOO-HOO!!! Damn, this’ll be awesome.😍 Of course, then I have to get the cabinets painted, but that’s another story…

My health is good and I’m not experiencing any more complications. I have my fifth of six in-office chemo infusions this Wednesday and I’ll find out then if my liver has improved at all. Let’s hope so! I have a list of questions to ask Dr. Santiago, mainly about what comes after the chemo is finished. I’m so, SO glad that the bulk of my treatment is done, because I found out just this week that our health insurance is going to change the first of the year and we’ll end up paying much more in deductibles. I’m not sure where the money is going to come from for Lauren’s back surgery but we’ll manage somehow.🙏🏻

3 November

So here it is. Election Day. I think I feel sick. We’re supposed to get together tonight (appropriately social distanced, of course) with our neighbors for the viewing of election results and the consumption of alcohol. I’ll have to be very careful how much I consume due to my still-cranky liver so I’ll probably function as the designated driver, even though we’re gathering in our own back yard. Rory will be setting up the projector and we’ll livestream one of the news channels showing the returns. Most of us will be either rip-roaring drunk and horrifically depressed or celebrating happily by the end of the evening. I sure hope it’s the latter.

I spoke to my cardiologist yesterday via FaceTime. The ultrasound showed no visible damage to my heart due to the chemo drugs but he still wants to do a stress test on me, which is basically just me climbing aboard a treadmill in his office while hooked up to monitors and being put through a series of cardio drills. Considering all the crap I’ve been through up until now, this should be a relative piece of cake.

Today will most likely be spent paying bills, trying to ignore the constant noise of the media both on the telly and on our portable devices, maybe baking some muffins and making an early dinner for my critters. At some point I’ll have to nip off to the bank but that’s the only errand I need to do.

Ugh, it’s now Wednesday, the day after the election, and we still don’t know who our next president will be. I had hoped for a decisive election but I was pretty sure we weren’t going to get it, and look what’s happening. Color me shocked. Meanwhile, Trump is rattling his “stop the rigged mail-in ballot count” saber, never mind that there isn’t anything wrong with counting those ballots post-election day. Hell, many states don’t even begin counting those ballots until Election Day itself. And this year, there are a LOT more of those to wade through, thanks to the pandemic and the fear of crowded polling precincts. I’m hoping for two things: 1) That what the pundits and political historians have said is true and the mail-in ballots will lean more heavily Democratic; and 2) Trump won’t be able to stop those ballots from being counted. Pennsylvania’s governor has basically thrown down, telling the president that he hasn’t a prayer of interfering with the state’s electoral process. Good on ya, buddy! We could use a few more politicians on both sides of the aisle who aren’t afraid to show a little backbone.

25 October

It’s a beautiful warm Sunday afternoon in late October and I’m once again picking scabs.

Now that I have your undivided attention…😆

I’ve gotten back into the wallpaper stripping job and if I’m not careful, this project could completely take over my life and mushroom into something colossal. A while ago I suddenly had the idea of getting rid of the cheesy, fake “chair rail” wood molding in the kitchen and attached dining area. Last weekend I scouted out Lowe’s, made a note of which aisles contained the products I would need (joint compound, wall skimming blades, mud trays, putty knives, etc.), picked up a three-inch paint scraper/putty knife with a nice sturdy blade, and today got to work on removing that stupid molding. After watching a DIY video or two about how to do this without gouging the crap out of my walls, I’ve got all but two sections down and the underlying walls scraped as well as I can. I’m glad I stumbled onto another video showing how to seal, patch and skim-coat walls post-wallpaper because there are some sections that are pretty badly damaged. I had some… issues… with pulling down the paper before I discovered my miracle stripper product! Hey, don’t judge. I had NO idea what I was doing going into this and I’m not much of a DIYer. It’s pretty ridiculous, really. Let’s just say that I’m upping my game fast. Still, this whole process reminds me of picking at a giant scab or possibly several wall-sized areas of peeling skin. Cringe-worthy, I know, but there’s something so weirdly satisfying about it. I’m indulging my lower-primate grooming instinct!

Tomorrow (Monday) I’m going back to my cardiologist’s office for a heart ultrasound. Dr. Wellford wants to make sure that my old ticker hasn’t sustained any damage from all the chemo, which I guess is a fairly common occurrence. We already know that my left ventricle is slightly enlarged and that I have a fetal remnant somewhere in there as well, so let’s just hope that the scan shows an Energizer Bunny heart. This is making me almost as nervous as the idea of getting a bone marrow biopsy. I hate diagnostic tests and waiting for the results. I’m pretty sure that I’ve come through all the medication relatively unscathed but prayers are still being offered up.🙏🏻🙏🏻

Oh, I forgot to mention: I had another IV chemo infusion and blood test last Wednesday and Dr. Santiago has once again adjusted my meds to help with my still-cranky liver. I’m down to only five itty-bitty tablets of Methotrexate per week now instead of the former ten. Some of my other numbers have improved, such as my platelets and hemoglobin, and my kidneys are still firing on all cylinders, so I’ll take what I can get.

Holy moly, I’m actually publishing this blog post on-time for a change. That hasn’t happened in a while!😄