Author: Rory Hinnen

  • Expectations

    So, just want to talk a little bit about what I expected when I found out Robin had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I expected her to be bed-ridden. Tubes of poison hooked up to her and dripping into her all the time. I expected her to have to endure this without much interaction, that she’d be […]

  • Well, Hello There!

    Rory again, here to clear up your worries. ‘Cause that’s what I do. The worry I hear most is how am I doing, or how are the girls doing. We’re fine. I’m not just saying that. We really are doing well. This treatment is going to take a long time: about 18 months. Yes, a […]

  • Every day I’m shufflin’

    Rory again, stepping in for Robin. She’s doing much, much better. Still complaining about some aches and pains, but she can eat, and she just sounds a lot more lively. So her blood counts are going up. Rapidly. That’s a very good thing. And they’re talking about releasing her this week. Possibly as soon as […]

  • A little better today…

    Robin had been having nightmares which made it difficult to sleep. The intern told her that’s a thing, and it’s probably the result of being cooped up in her room too long. So yesterday we made her get up and walk, and we also suggested she watch some TV (she doesn’t watch much). She did […]

  • Visiting again…

    Rory here. We didn’t come down here last Sunday. The girls began to feel poorly, and we didn’t want to risk infection. But we’re back down today. Robin had a rough week, the she’s recovering from the drugs and doing all the things she’s supposed to do. In spite of that, she got a strep […]

  • Visit with the girls

  • Admit it